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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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as long as we're just making stuff up out of the blue,
How is that making stuff up. Ru'afo had all the federation personal moved where the collector going off would kill them after murdering Dougherty. Then he was stopped by being beamed to the holoship by his formerly loyal right hand man who's name I forgot after Picard verbally bitchslaped his ass and then all the stuff on the Collector happened.

Seriously where do I get this over version of the movie you people are watching.

he did this all after Picard essentially started a WAR with the Son'a. I don't deny that stuff happened AFTER Picard's intervention, I'm saying that you can't use that to argue backwards to say Ru'afo was always going to betray the Federation.

There is NOTHING in the movie to support that, and a lot to disprove it-Ru'afo was very friendly toward Dougherty, having dinner with him, offering him the services of the Son'a skin-whatever treatment, etc. He showed patience when Data went rogue in allowing Picard to get him himself.

Ru'afo only turned decisively to violence AFTER Picard launched his little "insurrection," at which point it was a battle.
Picard hardly staarted a war with the Son'a unless you call making the Baku leave their village starting a war. To himn what he saw was morally wrong and he set out to try and save the Baku, so yes I'd say he did the right thing.
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