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Re: Da Vinci's Demons is Complex.

What you might not have noticed about those soldiers ragging on Bashir is that they worked for Da Vinci's father. It would be like Luke picking on stormtroopers to piss off his father and less to do with the fact that the stormtroopers are evicting the younglings form an orphanage. Leo felt responsible for his fathers men being assholes and his father being an asshole and how it should be he who breacks the cycle of assholicity as much as the whole Mighty Mouse syndrome at play.

Downey isn't a great actor, Downey is just fantastically charasmatic. When was the last time we saw him in a movie as someone who wasn't fantastically charasmatic? An actor issome one who can assume any role, not some cherry picker who's allowed to be himself in every movie he lands.

(Tropic Thunder? ...He did 18 eisodesof Saturday Night Live in the 80s?)

Robby was good in Iron Man but Iron man was awful, and he was fair in Sherlock Holmes but Sherlock holmes was atrocious.
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