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Re: Da Vinci's Demons is Complex.

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So, it *is* Assassin's Creed Of Thrones, then?
More like Sherlock DaVinci starring that guy who's no where near Downey's level of acting.

Seriously, they were beating you over the head with how awesome DaVinci was, how he see's the world (which isn't the slow mo of the Sherlock Holmes movies, but slow mo with drawing filter turned on) and catches all those minute details, is a rougish ladies man, and of course a rebel. All the usual cliche's when trying to hard to make the main character "kewl".

Where I knew it was shit: DaVinci and the gang are sitting in a bar and several ruffians are harassing Julian Bashir. DaVinci's crew looks over and says something like "that guys up shit creek" whereupon DaVinci looks perturbed at the unfair odds. He steels his gaze and his friends tell him to let it go and he replies "yeah, that's not gonna happen".

Pretty much that moment.

It's like that scene you've seen in every show, except it just sucked here. Naturally he gets up, has some witty banter, kicks the soldiers ass because he's ambidextrous and makes friends with Bashir. At least he got to smoke some hash.

If they'd just have foregone the cocky, wise ass, route, the show had some interesting elements involving secret societies. Nothing we really haven't seen before, but the millieu is interesting and I haven't played Assasins Creed, so I'm all good for an adventure there.

Hopefully they'll tone down the "look at what Downeys doing as Sherlock do that" stuff. It might even be an interesting diversion week to week.

As it is, I don't have much hope for it.
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