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. . . Type 1 diabetics are not expected to achieve the same kind of control that is possible for type 2 diabetics, nor would that be possible, even under the best circumstances. The kind of upswing I mentioned in my earlier post is not atypical or alarming for a type 1 diabetic. A type 2 might freak out and call their doctor if they saw a number like that on their meter, but a type 1 will generally just get annoyed and take some insulin.
Indeed. I have type 2 diabetes and I check my fasting blood sugar level two or three times a week. I get antsy if it reads 140-150, but it's only spiked that high a few times in the last several years. I sympathize with those who have type 1 diabetes or who have to care for relatives with type 1 -- it's really a completely different disease.
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