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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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This is especially so since she seems to have been on the verge of starting a new novel-only series, Challenger, that was apparently already plotted out. Despite this, it all came to a halt.
That's misunderstanding how this works. The series was never guaranteed to exist. It got a "pilot" as part of New Earth, and because the timing was right, they included it as part of the following year's Gateways crossover to give it a further push, but those were just tryouts. In order to go beyond that, the first two books had to sell strongly enough to justify doing more. And evidently they didn't.
I stand corrected.

This still leaves open the question of the reprimand mentioned by Braga. Did it happen? Did it influence the course of Carey's writing career? It's not unimaginable.

A pity. This explains the large gap between Rihannsu novels, too, right?
No; Diane Duane did write other Trek novels during the Arnold era.
I meant the Rihannsu novels. I'm aware of Duane's other Trek novels in this period, even having started discussion threads on Dark Mirror and Intellivore.
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