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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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I'm still amazed at how the marathoners kept on going, just a mile away. The area around Kenmore station was packed with cops. People kept going on toward where the explosions were, even after a few people tried to tell us. They didn't realize what was happening obviously.

I'm home finally. It was an amazing game today, marred by what happened within an hour of the game.
The game is always great, morning with baseball and breakfast and everyone goes out and watches the runners.

Now some sicko wrecked it. Even if it's some crazy American who wanted to be famous, it's still terror to me.

A shame where this world is going. But life must go on and we must enjoy it.
I hope if this is some American nutjob, they treat him as a terrorist. Domestic or International, attacking innocents like that is still terrorism, doesn't matter if he's a part of some cell or not.
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