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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

As for Don, I'm starting to think that despite his fondness for Megan, he already sees it 'over' with her career success starting to build. I think he's at a "why bother" point with it.
Don checked out of his marriage to Megan at the moment she became "independent.". That was the point of last season's finale. Probably because, to Don, an independent woman is a 'whore' like his mothers.

Other, random, thoughts:

My parents had that remote Pete was clicking. They also had Don and Megan's bed spread.

Continuing the "don death imagery," there's the switch from a light grey suit to a Navy-almost black-one as his every day work suit. Not to mention Megan's miscarriage.

Joan's outward cool towards the Jaguar guy, followed by her grabbing a drink from Don's touch was a nice bit of characterization. Well played by Ms Hendrix.

Jaguar guy reminds me a little too much of Chris Christie.

Draper passive aggressived him to death. As sideous said, we more acting like that from Hamm.

Linda cardellini looks remarkably like Dean Mrs Wormer from Animal House in that get up.

There was something almost Seinfelidian but sad the way that Don and Sylvia started acting like an old married couple at the dinner....until Don pulled his patented Bond moves.

Peggy deserved what happened regarding Heinz. She should have known better than to blab like that.

"Poor" Pete. He tries desperately to be Don but he can't handle anything-even his affairs-the way that Draper does.

Trudy demolished him. She gave him every thing he wanted but his illusion of dignity. Bastard never deserved her.

"just a gigolo.". Could be the shows theme song.
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