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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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this would go a long way towards explaining why a prolific Trek novelist would suddenly stop producing new novels.
IIRC, she stopped writing ST novels to dabble in local politics?
Quite possibly that's what she did after she stopped writing Star Trek novels. It is curious, though, that she abruptly stopped writing Star Trek novels after Broken Bow came out. This is especially so since she seems to have been on the verge of starting a new novel-only series, Challenger, that was apparently already plotted out. Despite this, it all came to a halt.

The OP put forward a compelling explanation: Carey's style of writing, which could be seen as slighting non-TOS series, got her in trouble when she novelized the Enterprise series premier. By their own words, the producers of Enterprise noted her novelization, took offense, and complained to Pocket Books. One states that she was reprimanded. Subsequently, Carey hasn't had published any Star Trek titles, including titles that she seems to have plotted out.
IIRC, the reason Challenger died was because no one bought the one standalone book in the Gateways series. And to be brutally honest, branding it as Challenger instead of New Earth wasn't the best idea, especially when the debut novel is in a major crossover event. At least New Earth would've had some brand exposure at the time.

The lack of an ending in the book (and the eventual ending) probably hurt Challenger a lot too.
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