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Re: Fanedits - thoughts and recommendations

The Matrix: Hacked makes the two sequels not only watchable, but even enjoyable. I disagree mildly with some of the decisions he made, and the new ending to the third movie is more than a bit obviously hacked together out of disparate scenes, but I still appreciate them on the whole and highly recommend them.

Stay away from the "red book" edit of Batman Forever. I think he actually made it worse.

Also stay away from the "Slashed aka Killer Horizon" edit of Event Horizon. Despite the comments to the contrary, the edits are so laughable that it would almost serve as a spoof on bad fan editing. Anyone who thought it was "better", which was pretty much everyone else in the comments, must have been in an altered state of mind.

The Army of Darkness: Primitive Screwhead Edition is about as close to the cable edit as you will ever find. (The cable edit is the longest cut and is unavailable on DVD.)

Uncanny Antman's edit of Freddy vs Jason to Nightmare on Elm Street 7 is also a significant improvement, cutting out a lot of the really bad acting, cutting down the length of some overly long segments, and also uses an alternate ending. As the title suggests, it feels much more like a NOES sequel now. Despite how much better I think the edit is, it still has FvJ as its core, so it may not be worth watching again if you thought that movie was totally unsalvageable.

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