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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Still reading "Bloodletter" by K. W. Jeter (DS9 #3, 1993) though perhaps finishing the first third very soon or even halfway.

Also rapidly read "Star Trek: Politics" by Reinhard Kuck (2011). Is that a pen name? I did not include the umlaut over the "u". It appears to have been translated from German by a computer and every page has numerous errors and interesting interpretations to make. Like a malfunctioning universal translator. It even got the date for 9/11 incorrect and gave September 9 instead.

This book may be by a person with a mental disorder and so I went a bit into clinical mode while reading the book (I suffer from schizophrenia myself so I am sensitive to people discussing this subject in the media). Schizophrenia in Star Trek is often treated correctly according to Kuck. This author for method to the book viewed all the 5 series and all the movies -- impressive. Schizophrenia is used as a gimmick a bit in Alvin Toffler's "Eco-spasm Report" where the economy suffers schizophrenia and I think Gregory Bateson uses schismogenesis as an anthropology term.

Kuck also calls attention to disability issues in the Trekverse as portrayed in the shows. I learned a bit here and there which is good. His saving the topic of Nazism to the end of the book was interesting. There is some cut-and-pasted repetitious items in the book but most inconvenient was the marking on every page about copyright. It was published by Kindle/Amazon.

References were to Episode titles and characters rather than stars were named. Mention of items which do not make it to the U.S. media and items which may not make it to the Western European media was interesting. I have heard of this happening in academic circles too. "Power of Nightmares" (BBC) apparently did not easily be accessible to American audiences. Apparently the TOS shows about Nazism were not accessible to German audiences till the 1990s. All in all it was a very entertaining read of about 189 pages.

I also read "Life Signs: The Biology of Star Trek" by Jenkins & Jenkins which is more a book by therapists than by patients. Also very interesting reading. It assumes you have a fairly good knowledge of Biology 11 and 12 topics. I have top standing in 1st year Biology and still had a bit of trouble with some of the concepts. The book has a glossary that is helpful. Again, this book, too, has about 189 pages and Episodes are named and characters rather than stars are named. It was published by HarperCollins.

Both books are unauthorized by the copyright holders. The book about politics often summarizes shows and movies. Big time spoilers but I was happy to see the scenes described. Perhaps I should do a proper review of the two books in a thread somewhere. It is not exactly fan fiction. Fan non-fiction?
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