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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

I'm watching Sports Night, almost completed the first season... This program is set in the distant past that was stupid enough to think that it was being filmed in the consistent present where all their righteousness would be above board and... There was an early episode where they were ranting about how drugs should be decriminalized because it's irresponsibly choking up the prison system unfairly, when about half an hour earlier I'd seen Colbert pin up a mission accomplished banner on the very subject as it became clear that weed is very soon about to be legal in all the US... But does that mean that the hundreds of thousands of kids in prison are going to be released or held because the law holding them is now non existent?

Madmen on the other hand is a parody of history and not actually history, not that a story like Sports Night is anything but a parody of the present when it was made before it became a historical article of ancient times, parody or otherwise.

My point?

History is to laugh at.

Idiots that don't know shit muddling through without grace.
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