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Re: PSY Gentleman. Will it be an international hit?

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I can live with this, I'm just really waiting for proper K-Pop to break through internationally, dammit.
I'm doing my best posting my Kpop ass off. People, they will listen eventually. The real mystery to me is how people can love 80's pop (which is great) and yet turn their nose up at 21st century pop. Luddites
I agree with you completely! I love 80s pop too, but the 21st century has so much more to offer.

That sort of thing you've posted there is why I do love K-Pop on occasion; it's not my favourite musical genre but it's wonderfully sweet (most of it), unique and underrated.

Also, can never resist posting this when talking about K-Pop:

Sometimes if I've listened to it recently it's hard to even resist randomly shouting out 'NEGACHE CHALAGA' (so satisfying)
haha I was listening to that last night after posting in this thread!

Two current KPop favorites, quite different:

I've often had it on repeat for an hour..

And this is a completely different change of pace, and lovely lyrics too.

Sunny Hill (the Grasshopper song I posted, in case that youtube doesn't show up when quoted) has some really interesting videos, kind of the prog rock of kpop IMO.

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