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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

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Nitpick: the captain has four stripes on his uniform, which means he is an O7 captain.
Counter-nitpick: Four stripes (in the USA) means an O-6 Captain. O-7 is called "Rear Admiral (Lower Half)".

However, my understading is that submarines usually have an officer with a lower rank for its captain, like a Commander or even a Lt. Commander. Or are things different in Russia (or were different in Soviet Russia)?
1. Things are undoubtedly different in Russia.
2. For the longest time American Ballistic Missile Subs were always commanded by a four-strip O-6 Captain. This change sometime in the late 90s I believe. So if that had been an American sub in the same time frame as this episode, it would have been quite appropriate for the CO of the boat to have four stripes on his sleeves.

For what it's worth, a Russian Naval officer with four stripes on his sleeves in 1983 would be called a "Captain 2nd Rank", equivalent to a US Navy Commander (O-5) with three sleeve stripes..
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