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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

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One of the interesting problems on this TV show, is that no matter WHAT Janeway does... she will be perceived as a "ball buster" because she does not yield when she thinks she's right.

I don't ever recall someone calling Kirk, or Picard or Sisko ball busters when they did that.


I think they were simply called... "Captain".
My biggest problem with Janeway, is not that she's unyielding and inflexible when she makes a decision, it's that she's completely random and inconsistent in such decisions. It's hard to take a principled stand seriously when they're so.... flexible.

Janeway in in Phage, "Even though you stole my crewmen's lungs, I'm not going to kill you to get them back because we're evolved past that sort of thing."
Janeway in Tuvix, "I'm going to kill a member of my crew against his will to save two others."

Janeway in Equinox, "I'm going to torture you to get information so I can hunt down your captain and kill him because he is a disgrace to humanity."

Janeway in Alliances, "We must hold true to our values no matter the cost and not dirty our hands by allying with those who don't share our values."
Janeway in Scorpion, "We must ally with our greatest enemy and help them defeat another species they attacked in order to get what we want."

So... ball busting really doesn't enter into that.
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