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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

All right, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick, because my throat is sore, and I keep getting dizzy every time I stand up. So I'm going to take advantage of my illness, crawl into bed, and watch some Enterprise. Here we go.

Fight or Flight:

Not a bad second episode; better than VOY's "Parallax" or TNG's "The Naked Now", at least in my opinion. All I remembered about this episode from watching it the first time was the Hoshi/slug analogy. It was pretty heavy-handed, but not too silly. I like Hoshi; she comes off as a bit whiny at first -- yes, space is big and scary, but did she learn nothing from her Starfleet training? -- but her concerns and self-doubt are realistic, and not something we see often in Star Trek. Usually the characters are eager to explore new worlds. Hoshi's reluctance is an interesting contrast.

Also, I was totally in agreement with T'Pol in this episode. I understand the crew were itching for some excitement, but they should never have boarded the alien ship. Not without permission, and certainly not while nothing on Enterprise was working! It was evident when the enemy ship had them in a tractor beam, and when the Axanar eventually rescued them, that the Enterprise is hopelessly outmatched by many of the other species in the area. Boarding an alien ship where everyone had been killed -- and then going back again -- was unnecessarily foolhardy.

And while I'm enjoying the challenges that come with having no universal translator, it's hard to buy the idea that Hoshi was able to learn enough of the Axanar's language to have a fairly involved conversation with them in just a few days. But whatever. I guess I can suspend my disbelief for the sake of character development.

You know, it's kind of sad; I think Hoshi got more character development in this one episode than Harry Kim did... ever.
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