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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

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Yeah, what did he ever see in her, anyway? That was probably the most incomprehensible thing about his character. She seems like the antithesis of absolutely everything he would find attractive.

You are confusing the Alpha quadrant Seska with the Delta Quadrant version.

In the AQ she probably was more circumspect because her mission was to infiltrate the maquis, befriend the soldiers (B'Elanna felt Seska was her best friend) and get close to their commander.

In the DQ, Seska tried to "go along" but couldn't suppress those Cardassian genes that told her to TAKE CHARGE enough when she thought Janeway & Chak were making the wrong choices.

I think one of the reasons Chak spurned his lover in the DQ was not only the antifrat rules (which shouldn't apply to them since they already were a couple) but because he didn't like the new Seska.

Remember what B'Elanna said to her when Seska complained at the end of Prime Factors that she could no longer lie about what she'ed done?

TORRES: No! We're not going to cover this up.
SESKA: Are you crazy? We don't have to take the blame for this!
TORRES: But we're going to. We disobeyed orders, gambling that it would pay off. It didn't. And now we just can't pretend that nothing happened.
SESKA: I don't understand. There's no need for this.
TORRES: I'm sorry if you don't get it, Seska, but it has something to do with, er, with being able to live with yourself.
SESKA: That doesn't sound like you. You've changed.
TORRES: If that's true, I take it as a compliment.

One of the interesting problems on this TV show, is that no matter WHAT Janeway does... she will be perceived as a "ball buster" because she does not yield when she thinks she's right.

I don't ever recall someone calling Kirk, or Picard or Sisko ball busters when they did that.


I think they were simply called... "Captain".
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