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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

Hartzilla2007 wrote: View Post
Face Ru'afo was probably going to keep the particles and kill all the Starfleet personal then go back to helping the Dominion pound the federation's face into the ground.
Then why did the Sona bring the Federation into the matter in the first place?

It makes no sense to say the Federation approached the Sona. Most likely the Sona approached the Federation Council because they knew that the Federation claimed that area of space, and the Sona wanted no long term problems with the Federation. Whatever military forces the Sona had, it would have be dwarfed by Starfleet. So the Sona couldn't just go into and remove the Federation's natural resources, and except to get away with it.

Far from the Sona getting fifty percent of the harvested particles, their side of the bargain would have been something like one or two percent. The Sona really wouldn't have needed very much for their personal use, my impression is the Sona didn't exist in large numbers.

sonak wrote: View Post
Again, the Son'a were NOT Dominion allies, they were merely selling them drugs
Which they need to run their army
Which makes them suppliers, not "allies."

Not to mention the Son'a DON'T LIKE THEM so they aren't going to help them.
You don't have to like people to do business with them. The Sona were perfectly willing to be business partners with the Federation, if it meant getting access to the particles around a Federation planet.

They would get more profit from killing all the federation personal, taking the particles, and leaving before the federation finds out they got hosed as they would have all the particles and would have to share them.
And the fact the Sona didn't do this, suggest that the Sona in someway couldn't.
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