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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I still think it's unfair to criticize the pristine ship look. Many of Voyager's beauty shots were of the physical miniature, which couldn't be easily altered. I don't know when it began using cgi ships extensively, though battle damage would still have meant several versions being built with successive decay, which means new renders and effects, which costs more money.
What about internal? Sets can be dressed to look like they've had the crap kicked out of them over time.

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While I would have preferred a more serialized show, there's nothing wrong with episodic television if the episodes are good and original.

Most of Voyager's episodes seemed to follow one of two patterns

1) Ship encounters anomaly that puts her in danger -> crewmember has personal problem that parallels the anomaly problem -> crewmember has Big Realization that somehow applies to both problems -> The Day Is Saved with technobabble

2) Mean forehead aliens remind Voyager she's in a bad neighborhood -> Janeway & Co. have a talk -> high-minded Federation ideals come into question -> just before our ideals are abandoned somebody comes up with some technobabble that Saves the Day.
You forgot after Season 4 there was another option:

3) Seven is either the cause or resolution of a story due to: a. her exploration of humanity; b. nanoprobes or implants; c. vast encyclopedic knowledge of other races; d. her intimate understanding of Borg technology; e. misunderstanding with another race who have bad experience with the Borg.
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