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Re: TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Oh dear... page 210... a knockout gas invented by "a distant relative" of Sulu's family in the 20th century to battle "vicious crooks and racketeers." So Sulu is a descendant of the Green Hornet's trusty valet Kato? Oh, my...

(Is that perhaps partly a nod to the fact that Sulu is named Kato -- albeit with the correct pronunciation -- in the Japanese dub of Star Trek?)

Just noticed this:

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TAS had differences for TOS in ship layout, shuttlecraft, etc but the characters were still basically the same.
No need to resort to alternate timelines to explain that -- the ship was simply refit and got upgraded shuttles between TOS and TAS.

TNG had the Ent-D saying thatthe space beyond Deneb was unexplored and yet we had references to Denebian Slime Devils and Kirk spoke of being on Deneb IV in WNMHGB, Apparently Starfleet went as far as Deneb and no further for a century or the Deneb IV's are different.
There are a few different stars with some form of Deneb in their names, since it's Arabic for "tail." It's assumed in Star Charts, and in some Trek lit including my own, that the Deneb referenced in TOS is actually Deneb Kaitos, or Beta Ceti, which is about 96 light-years away, while the Deneb seen in "Encounter at Farpoint" is just plain Deneb, or Alpha Cygni, which is so far away that its distance is hard to calculate but is estimated to be somewhere between 1550 and 2600 light-years away -- a good distance for Farpoint Station, which was supposed to be on the outermost fringe of Federation-explored space.
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