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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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The Son'a didn't want to live on the planet or be anywhere near the Briar Patch. They wanted to be immortal, but not tied to the planet for that benefit.
What are you basing that on? The dialogue suggested that the Son'a started a rebellion to take over Ba'ku society in the past and then lost and the Ba'ku expelled them from their society. Why would they rebel if they wanted to leave the planet? So why didn't they just create a city with all the tech they want on the other side of the planet? Heck why did the Ba'ku win in the first place if they are Luddite pacifists and the Son'a were more aggressive and more technologically savvy?

The problem is the Son'a/Ba'ku past conflict is such a underdeveloped plot point, that the current Son'a/Ba'ku conflict is underdeveloped as well.

I would say the story would have made more sense if the Son'a were random evil invader with no connection to the Ba'ku, who just wanted to be immortal. That would be less convoluted.
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