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Re: TNG: The Stuff of Dreams by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!

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I don't think anyone has addressed this yet, but for anyone who's read both, is The Stuff of Dreams consistent with Engines of Destiny?
The two stories don't really impact each other. The Nexus is only present in Engines of Destruction in the context of its appearance in the Generations prologue; the TNG portions of the story are set during season 6 of the show, so Picard's visit to the Nexus hasn't happened yet. Also, EoD doesn't really look at the interior reality of the Nexus, whereas The Stuff of Dreams does.

I enjoyed The Stuff of Dreams. Like others have said, it felt more like an episode of the show than the full-length novels; the eBook novella format is just the right size to tell these simple episodic stories, and I do wish SCE hadn't had to end. That said, I found the "whodunnit" mystery more compelling than the parts of the story inside the Nexus, which felt too much like a regurgitation of Generations' plot.
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