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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

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Looks great! Are you going to try and smooth the surfaces any more? They look segmented right now.
Yeah, I'm working on that. It has something to do with the rendering I think.
Okay, looking into it further it seems it's only partially the fault of the rendering engine. In Maxwell it is rendering with a good degree of precision and hence we're seeing the facets of the circles (which are what circles in 3D modelling really are). To get around that it means in the future I will have to make my curved surfaces with a greater number of facets. The downside of that means a model with greater complexity, but it will give me nicer models.

Unfortunately I can't change the current model without completely remaking those curved parts from scratch which would be time consuming. However, I could try using a different rendering engine to see if it renders the curved surfaces differently.
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