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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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There were people at this trying to prove to themselves that they could do what they once considered impossible. And some psycho had to come out of the darkness and take it away from them.
I'm afraid attacks of this nature are not 'impossible', and you can't stop a madman; too many times have their been high-profile shooting sprees in the US or incidents involving explosives or where an area was evacuated and explosives were safely detonated. They are all small scale terror attacks in one way or another.

This heinous act though is an a much larger scale and it worries me on several counts: one it seems these bombs were hidden in trash cans and additional explosives have been found in different trash cans, two the coordination of the bombings and three how the US government will respond to the first major terrorist attack in home territory since 9/11.
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