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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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Many sites like f.e. says STTMP grossed $139 million worldwide divide by average ticket prize for 1979 $ 2.51 = 55.378 million x $7.50 (average ticket prize for 2009) = $414.3 million worldwide

p.s you are right about Trek not preforming good overseas but at the time. Shortly after Star Wars there was great hype for syfy movies that i am guessing helped STMP overseas great deal..
Well it would be more accurate to say ST doesn't do very well in certain markets overseas for example ST (2009) did ~US$128 of which some ~US$35.4 (or around 28%) came from just one market the UK. The next two closest where Germany and Australi with around US$12.7m.

So it would seem that US and UK are the key markets for a ST film. I suspect that for the many films this is true, the English speaking countries are the markets from which films make the most money.
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