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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

Posted by Emperor Tiberius:
I've never been huge on the whole beta thing. In the 99 fics I've posted to this bbs (counting only the ones 15-80 pages), I have only employed a beta reader when said reader was also contributing to the project, and I wanted to maintain our own story continuity. Never for the purpose of catching grammatical mistakes. Now, that's my own personal preference to be sure, but you Naraht say you employ three checkers just for spelling, but yet when I was casually reading your "How to advance your career through marriage" I spotted 12 errors without even trying, some of them quite blatant, so using beta's is obviously far from a perfect method.
Twelve errors? Well, that's more than I consider acceptable; if you have the time to let me know what they are, I would be most obliged.

I think you misread me slightly... I don't "employ three checkers just for spelling". I have some friends who are generous enough to give me their detailed opinions on my writing; three of them extend their remit to copyediting matters, including spelling, grammar and continuity. Any mistakes left in the finished work are, of course, my own. But nonetheless, there are fewer mistakes than there would have been otherwise, and that's all I ask of the system. I think it's worth making the effort, even if perfection is the goal rather than the result.
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