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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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@ gturner: I will say this... you are not worth me getting an infraction. I am that mad at you right now for that. This is not simply some accident. This is a terrorist attack. People are dead and injured and you're going on about times?!
Hey, it's not just my reaction, it was also the reaction of runners 30 feet from the blast. One girl looked over, saw the blast, and kept on jogging toward the finish line (as did most of them nearby) even as the runner beside her had a leg buckle from the blast debris. I'm pretty sure she also looked up at the clock, but it could've been something else.

The runners are highly focused! That's why they're runners, carrying on through wind and rain, trying to get to the finish line even knowing that half the deaths in a marathon occur during the final mile. In the Army people will keep jogging even as mortars and artillery rain down around them.

It doesn't make runners evil.
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