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My mom's Type I. And we've been doing our best to keep it all controlled. She was diagnosed 54 years ago. It wasn't until about four years ago that we started checking her sugar levels with regularity and then it was a couple of years ago that she switched from the Humulin N insulin to the Novolog and Lantus.
Holy moly!

I was on the old Regular and NPH (Not Particularly Helpful ) regimen when I was first diagnosed, but I switched to Humalog and Lantus 10 years ago. Has she ever considered pumping?

What kind of problems are you having? I'd be happy to help if I can.
It's starting to come back into line, but her sugar shot up to 400 or past it and it's only now back down below 300. We couldn't figure out why.
There are so many reasons it could be, as I'm sure you read in my post above. Food is only one of the things that affects blood sugar: many hormones and other metabolic processes do as well, as well as medications. Did your mother take any medications? Steroids in particular will shoot it up like that. I had to take Prednisone for an asthma attack once, and it shot me up to 550. Just plain being stressed, or not getting enough sleep can easily shoot it up that high as well. Does your mom have a good correction ratio? If she was at 400 she should probably take about 6 units of Humalog, and then check again after 4 hours and take more if she's still high.

Spiking that high shouldn't be cause for worry, just cause for action.

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