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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I'm not sure what you're talking about with regards to committing suicide.
Dominion ships carpet bombing whatever planet they settles on, legion of Jem'Hadar troops over running them and slaughtering them, you know the stuff the Dominion does when they get pissy especially after the Son'a's new fed friends some of whom are probably over in Section 31 decided to make the Founders even more pissy by infecting them with a plague that was going to kill them, lets just ask the Cardassians how the Dominion taken betrayal when their near psychotic.

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While it's obvious the Son'a weren't entirely upfront with the Feds, I don't think there's any hard evidence indicating that they wouldn't have gone through with the deal.
The fact that Ru'afo went to let's kill them all the moment things went south for him especially after his response to Picard investigating stuff was to threaten to destroy his ship the man was a bully and a psychotic man child one at that.

exactly. Using the "Son'a were going to betray them" or a "the process wouldn't have worked anyway" argument are both ways of avoiding the actual issues in the film by substituting arguments for which there is no evidence.
As opposed to your butchering Emanate Domain laws into imperialist rhetoric to suit yours.

Again, the Son'a were NOT Dominion allies, they were merely selling them drugs,
Which they need to run their army

just as I'm sure they'd have been happy to sell weapons to the Federation.
Until the Jem'Hadar kill them after crushing the federation or before that since depending on when the film takes place the Dominion has the federation out matched in every way that matters until the conned the Romulans into helping them.

Besides the Romulans were letting the Dominion use their space to attack the federation but they sure weren't helping the federation with anything. hell Vreenak even seemed gleeful about their emanate destruction

Not to mention the Son'a DON'T LIKE THEM so they aren't going to help them. Didn't you get that from the umpteenth time Ru'afo bitched about how much he hates how they do stuff.

They only became Dominion allies after Picard betrayed the agreement and fought against them, at which point, why WOULDN'T they have become Dominion allies?
why would they become federation allies even if the particle extraction had gone well?
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