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Re: Convention Circuit - Most Favorite Person You've Met?

Kinggodzillak wrote:
Brent Spiner - yeah, you heard me. Brent Spiner. I was really nervous about meeting him; Data's always been my fave TNG character, but knowing Brent's reputation for being a bit of a joke I didn't want to make an idiot of myself and provide an opening for the guy who played my fave TNG character to rip me a new one.

But it didn't go like that at all. If fact, out of all the TNG cast he was the easiest of all of them to chat to, switching back and forth between normal and marvellously gloriously crazy all over the place ("You're just the man to answer a question that's been plaguing me for literally two whole seconds!"). I don't remember how we got there from him asking me where I was from but he ended up doing his Patrick Stewart impression and reciting a chunk of The Merchant of Venice at me. I know some people find his silliness a bit hard to cope with, but honestly I find silliness comes much more easily to me than "Hi how are you?" style small talk so it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Saw him again at DSTL last year, and got a fistbump and a "Great to see you again, man!", which made me feel pretty good.
Hey, I was at that con the picture is from too, London Film & Comic Con 2011, right? I got the same photo signed by him.

That was actually the best meeting I've had with a Trek celebrity. Not my favorite guest, but the conversation was the best I've had, probably with any celebrity I've ever met.

Normally when I've met other Trek stars, I've been nervous as hell, but since I'm not really a huge TNG fan, I felt kind of relaxed meeting Spiner. He was in a great mood at that moment. Asked where I was from, when I said I was Swedish he asked me where in Sweden, told me he'd been there and stuff. He could spell both mine and my friends name without me having to spell it for him, which most others have needed help with.

When on the subject of Sweden, he asked me if I was a film buff, to which I confirmed. He then asked me if I like Ingemar Bergman movies, when I said I didn't, he joked a bit with me and went on to tell a joke involving Max Von Sydow. He was pleased that I laughed at the joke even though I wasn't a fan of Bergman.

Anyway, we must have chatted for several minutes with a huge line of fans waiting to meet him. He really took the time to talk to the fans and seemed to enjoy the conversations quite a bit.

I walked away being extremely pleased with the experience. He didn't shake hands, only did fist bumps because he was feeling a cold coming on, or something like that. I regret not asking for a fist bump before I left.

It's funny, here we are two who had a great chat with him at the same convention, yet someone else who attended this convention actually had a rather negative experience with Spiner, similar to what others have written about him.
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