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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

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In fairness, Wiles published his proof in 1995, and when this episode came out in 1989 nobody knew he was even working in it.
I know that was the case, which is why I thought it was silly for the writers to think that humanity would be able to create warp drive, transporter technology, holographic technology, replicators and even time machines.... but not figure out that bloody theorem.
But don't forget, these are tv writers, not scientists.

Oh... a theorem, that sounds sciencey! Pretty! Boy, I are smart!

BTW, so I'm clear, all of the sarcasm was directed at tv writers being stupid and not your posts calling attention to it.

I also don't think a planet can be at below absolute zero. Absolute zero means that the lack of energy in the system is so total that everything is frozen solid and the atoms aren't even vibrating. the atmosphere would be frozen to the ground, so wind speed is about 0. Neptune has the high winds, but it's not absolute zero, either.

I remember this one pretty well, it seemed like a cheap episode. It wasn't bad, but not very good, a middle episode, like so many.
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