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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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They can't lock down the finish line. It'll screw up everybody's times.
If this was an attempt at humor, it's in very poor taste. If it was sincere, then I strongly disagree with its priorities.
No, seriously. Tens of thousands of people train all year to get ready and the finish line is where they mark their times. Hopefully someone quickly measured off an equivalent distance to another stopping point on some other block.

It's Boston. If a bunch of people got injured in a car wreck along the route, most of the people in the race would just jog on past while authorities handled it.
As not a native Bostonian, but as a person born and raised in MA, and who had to text their friends at the marathon to make sure they're okay, kindly just shut the fuck up. You're not helping yourself at this point.
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