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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

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Pava and the others were rescued by Chalois in the nick of time which doesn't come as a huge surprise as I don't think anyone expected Pava to bite the dust just yet.

Will he be able to take over the bridge? Absolutely. The whole ship? By himself? Not so sure. But I'm curious to see what he is hoping to achieve. The Romulans have already admitted they have no further plans for the Ferou. Maybe this move will force the Romulans to back off from pursuing the battered Europa but there must have been a way of doing this without alienating a possible ally.

Interesting choice.
Actually, the Ferou fleet is warping toward a cloaked Romulan minefield. The Romulans hope to sift through the resulting wreckage to recover bits of their advanced weapons systems.
Ah, ok, I didn't read into the subtext. Good thing Pava did. Well, I suppose we're soon going to find out if it was good or not.
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