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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

I like the way they are playing it in the show. They are showing Ramsay the way that Theon first got to know him - helpful little Toady. Then, Ramsay becomes Theon's worst nightmare.

What Ramsay did to Jayne and those other women he hunts really disgusted me. Poor Jayne was already bearing the marks from being beaten in Littlefinger's brothels. Then she is bitten by Ramsay (all over her body it seems), forced to have sex with dogs and who knows what else.

Ramsay for me is by far the most revolting character, except for maybe Qyburn. I hate them both, and I hate Roose and Cersei for allowing Ramsay and Qyburn their activities.
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