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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

One has to wonder why purchasing the casino allows the crew to leave the hotel in the first place. It's quite apparent that the whole scenario is on some sort of loop where characters go through the same story plot points over and over again, so why does buying the casino allow whoever is in the simulation to leave? What was the purpose of allowing the only living human in this entire simulation the ability to leave it when there's really nowhere to go? What was the point in trapping anyone there at all? If it was for experimenting, why leave this simulation running for hundreds of years?

Speaking of not being able to leave, let's talk about that revolving door. Riker, Data and Worf try to leave the casino by going through a revolving door. What makes this a poor scene is that they go through the door's entire duration that would literally put anyone back where they started from. Does Riker or anyone else comment that there is no exit on the other side? No. They actually act surprised that they walked back into the lobby. I know that was the intention of the scene because our heroes go through the revolving door again. So not only do we have lazy writing, we have lazy set pieces. And it doesn't even look like a hard effect to pull off. Just have the revolving door go at a constant speed, have the actors go through it without interfering with it's rotation and cut around that. You could even have the last character not go through because he realizes that they just ended back to where they started.
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