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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Asohka is just annoying. she's spunky teenage sidekick #45657. Anakin is an ass, even if admittedly his whining isn't in full display. Of the clone wars, I've watched

The movie
The 4 episode arc with the Jedi killing clones
the episode with the Sepritists having a ship with a giant ion cannon
most of an episode where Obi Wan infiltrated a prision in someone else's identity
A part of an episode where Ashoka rescues aliens like herself
Part of an episode with young annoying bald Boba Fett
bits and pieces of other episodes

And the only good thing was the 4 episode arc with none of the main cast. The rest was just not great. It doesn't help that the CGI looks pretty bad (although its amazing compared to shows like Green Lantern TAS), but that wouldn't even be an issue if it was generally written well.
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