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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

As shallow as Pete is, Trudy is a good match for him. They are both obsessed with appearances.

As for Don, I'm starting to think that despite his fondness for Megan, he already sees it 'over' with her career success starting to build. I think he's at a "why bother" point with it. That's part of it... but another huge part of it is that he gave the doctor's wife money (and I guess that's why we had the whorehouse flashback?) but the flashback left me wondering about Don's origins... didn't his mother die in childbirth? I'm sure she did. So the woman that came with him was his half-brother's mother? Hmmm. But anyway, we know why he gave her (the doctor's wife) $$$, that what he does with women. He pays them so he doesn't have to handle their heavy baggage.

Oh Don... obsessed with your own death you befriend a doctor, and obsessed with things ending/beginning you are pounding his wife. Talk about making your bed and lying in it.

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...Don doesn't abstain under any circumstances. Sex is his salve for the pain and boredom of life.
Well said!

Was Megan really upset about the miscarriage? I think relief would be the more obvious feeling. Now that her career in TV has just begun I can't imagine anything worse than a year of down time - however Megan's soap gig is just a mystery at this point. "To Have And To Hold", next week's show is the same title as Megan's soap so can we assume we'll get to see a bit of that world?

Loved seeing the eventual build up for Don vs. Peggy over the ketchup account. Heads are going to roll and I'd say, sadly, the first on the chopping block is Stan. Ted is really a shark and his hatred for Don will overshadow any relationship built with Peggy in the meantime.

Overall this was an incredibly serious episode; it reminded me of old season 1/2 Man Men where very little comic relief was employed. After several seasons of build up it was nice to see Pete get what was coming but I half expect the situation to be resolved next week.

We've never really seen Pete "single" as the series began with his stag party. What's in store for him? Is the airheaded neighbour going to take care of him (a woman's touch)? Good god, that house party with the people from the neighbourhood was mighty sketchy. Between the sexual tension with Pete and the play tickets and the weirdness of the two rapist looking husbands leering at Trudy over the Easter Bunny outfit, I'd be putting that house for sale were I Pete or Trudy!

Speaking of weirdos, that creep from Jaguar encountering Joan was surreal! I love the way the she always forms sentences that he can't understand. Pure gold.

Plus with the whorehouse flashbacks, Pete and Trudy's neighbours, the glazed-over maid, that lame ass from Heinz, this week's Mad Men was a full on 1960s freak show... and then we get adverts highlighting AMC's new freak show series!

BTW, thanks for the DVR tip, theGman. Unfortunately my timer has never worked, so I had to manually record the last 3 minutes again. If they could only play all the Hundai commercials after the show was over...
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