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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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I still think it's unfair to criticize the pristine ship look. Many of Voyager's beauty shots were of the physical miniature, which couldn't be easily altered. I don't know when it began using cgi ships extensively, though battle damage would still have meant several versions being built with successive decay, which means new renders and effects, which costs more money. The biggest obstacle was UPN wanting episodic rather than serialized format. Small, three story arcs would have helped in some storylines.
Small refresher for better understanding:

S1 was physical models with CG effects thrown in. S2&3 were the transition from physical to CG and from S4 onward the occasional rare stock footage of Voyager's physical model was the only remnant of the show's physical roots. Everything else had already gone digital by then.

The lions share of CG effects for Voyager and DS9 was done by Digital Muse (originally intended to become DS9's main supplier) and Foundation Imaging (Voyager's intended counterpart). The latter being the company which had revolutionized the use of CGI in television with their work on the first two seasons of Babylon 5.

While the companies were originally intended to each take care of their own show, in the end they constantly supported each other in order to shoulder the massive amount of work.
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