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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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Actually, it's earning raves because it's a different take on Star Trek-the civilian side that we rarely ever see in the shows, novels, and movies. Also, it hearkens back to the 1960's show somewhat. That, and people who've see all of it (not just some-check out the whole movie) feel that it's a better story the the 2009 movie or the upcoming one.
I've seen all of the first one, and it's typical of fans who grew up on TNG attempting to do TOS, and delivering TOS-disguised TNG. The only way it hearkens back to The 60's is in the shape of the Aurora's nacelles. It's main characters, however, evoke the 80's (TMNT cartoon) and aughts (ENT). You want to compare them to Harry Mudd? Then they should at least be as orginal and intriguing as Mudd was when he first appeared.
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