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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

Soo.... back to the thread.

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You have to consider that the title of the show is "Revolution", which implies that an actual revolution needs to take place at some point during the course of the series.
The existence of the Monroe Republic would seem to support that point.
And one of the differences between this show and a show like "The Walking Dead" is that by placing emphasis on a background story involving a Revolution, you essentially give the show an endgame. This show inevitably must build towards that Revolution and the conclusion of that Revolution. Walking Dead could go on forever, and there are infinite stories that could be told.

To compare it to Star Trek, that's one of the differences between TNG and Voyager... Voyager was trying to get home, and that had a finite (though nebulous) point at which the show would end. TNG could have conceivably gone on for eternity, had there been stories to support the episodes and cast members who wouldn't age (and you could always swap out cast members like on ER, or like any of the long running daytime soap operas). Even DS9 qualifies, because the Dominion War was merely a story arc in the overall story of a space station called "DS9". We could have had a season 8 after the war ended. But once Voyager gets home, the story of "Voyager getting home" is over. Any Season 8 would have had to have a new plot.
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