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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Don, Don, Don. The man is begging--pleading--to get caught. I suspect Megan isn't going to go silently into the night turning on herself and becoming bitter. I suspect she's capable of some serious revenge. I had to shake my head at Sylvia getting jealous; of course he's still sleeping with his wife, genius. They usually are, and Don doesn't abstain under any circumstances. Sex is his salve for the pain and boredom of life.

Loved Trudy laying the smack down on Pete, but why is she staying married to the man? Am I judging her through a 2013 lens? She could take him to the cleaners in divorce court and get the house, especially in that time period. Alimony by half. She doesn't want to "fail" and keep up appearances? Why?

Wow, when Don wants to tank a presentation, he doesn't mess around.

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