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Re: Glee - Season Four

Ken Tanaka "cameo"? Great!!

The shooting? Actually not bad, imo. The absence of information was an interesting take. Rarely is it shown what is going on with everyone else--the scared waiting and not-knowing what the hell is going on. Is it clear? Is the killer coming your way? Is the pounding at the door the killer or another innocent trying to hide?

As for Sue, I'm hoping she's gone. I really like Jane Lynch, but Sue was written WAY more schizo than even Janeway! She's bad, she's bad, she's awful, her actions are criminal...and then she redeems herself. Repeat for a few more episodes. Repeat for the next season, too. While it may have been fun to portray, Lynch is too good of an actress to not have gotten tired or frustrated or something with the inconsistencies. Hopefully, she has other good roles lined up.
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