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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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[I]Because the hundreds of billions of people the radiation would help didn't spy on them.

Because the hundreds of billions of people the radiation would help didn't try to kidnap them.
No just the people that would be doing any negotiating.

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It even effected Data... unless you think randomly shooting at ships, even when they identify themselves and try talking to you is revering to a pure state of ethics.
Well thats what happens when crazy drug dealing illegal WMD using guys who are probably just stringing the federation along shoot androids built by eccentric guys stuff like this happens.
there's no indication that the Son'a are crazy or that they're stringing the federation along. There's every indication that they'd have kept to their part of the deal had Picard not betrayed them.
Yeah becuase the potential Dominion allies are going to commit suicide just for a fountain of youth that wouldn't help them against the vengeful Dominion and to be friends with a federation they don't even like. Face Ru'afo was probably going to keep the particles and kill all the Starfleet personal then go back to helping the Dominion pound the federation's face into the ground.
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