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Re: Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a fan

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I would so love a Pop Demolition Night.
Ain`t gonna happen, period. Radio isn`t the same as it used to be (most stations are owned by one company-Clear Channel or Infinity Broadcasting-in most cities) and many (commercial) stations are nothing but a computer that plays the same list of songs over and over from a computer hard drive. Even if said commercial stations have a live DJ, said DJ is bound to the station`s playlist under pain of dismissal by the station`s boss and owner.

Also, many of the station owner believe in the music being played, so a would-be Steve Dahl (the DJ behind the original Disco Demolition Night) wouldn`t be able to get hired and do what he did-for that matter, the cops would kick the ass of the people present who staged anything like said event now (as they should have back in 1979) due to events like the G20 summit and the Occupy protests.

If you want to change the way things are with radio (the main culprit in all of this) and you`re a US citizen, what you have to do is write to your congressperson and order them to rescind the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and to bring back the original legislation restricting how many stations a company can own in one city, county, town, or state; only then will you get back independent stations that can play music other than pop and that aren`t just a computer with a massive HDD programmed to play the same songs week in and week out. A Pop Demolition Night would be as racist and as hateful of teenagers as the original Disco Demolition Night was hateful towards black people and GLBT people.

Even better, you can do this for young people: Teenage Wasteland (or 'How To Encourage Alternatives To Justin Bieber')
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