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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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One thing that is often said about VOY is that it had a GREAT premise which it failed to live upto. i.e the ship looked like it had just left Utopia in virtually every episode. A seemingly limitless supply shuttles.
That was one thing I liked about VOY in the beginning was the idea of being stranded so far from home, but it quickly became apparent that they weren't going to do much more with that than refer to "replicator ratios" every so often. Seeing that they got into a firefight every week, you'd expect there to be some lingering damage. But then again that was the work of the reset button on Janeway's console. A series like VOY should have been more serialised, nothing too strict and rigid, but the feeling that previous events impact on other episodes.

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Given the small size of the ship it wasn't unreasnable to expect to get to know some of the other crew members. Now the same could be said of TNG but TNG unlike VOY could have crew coming and going fairly often.
VOY should have had more recurring faces in the crew, so that when one was "tragically" killed and had an episode about them we'd actual care about their loss and the future impacts it would have on the crew (ie Ahni Jetal and the friend of Kim's who was brought back as an alien). One thing they definately needed in the background were more alien crewmembers.

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If VOY had been set in the AQ the vast majority of the stories would need little to no change.
Very true, just replace "alien of the week" with Klingon/Romulan/Ferengi/etc. There wasn't much that made the aliens of the DQ stand out other than the fact that 98% of them were evil.

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Peoples perceptions on VOY might differ depending on the order in which they watched ST. Did they start with VOY and work from their or did they go in order?
I watched VOY when it first started airing here in the UK and started off liking it. Then Seven arrived and it became little more than shooting at alien ships, weakening the Borg as a big-bad, Seven hogging the screen, dull holographic rights, etc. I missed a lot of season 6 and most of 7, though did catch the final episode (so I was really scratching my head when Chakotay and Seven were a couple, had me going WTF?!?!?!).

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VOY had some great episodes but also a large number of poorer episodes.
When they nailed a good script, they did it very well, but I find that you have to pick through a lot of stinkers to get them.
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