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Re: Starship crash sequence from the MTV Awards

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Something still doesn't add up. How can the ship which is skidding saucer down along the bay also be the same one which clips the building tops?

Seems to me that ship, as it approaches the shore would dig it's leading saucer edge into the shore line and flip over on its back. Its forward momentum could then cause the mass to continue rolling along at ground level plowing into buildings in its path and we see that at T: 12/13. (The view from the park)

Then in the very next scene, T: 13/14 the hugh saucer clips the building tops. A clear enough view of that saucer leading edge is given to see it could not be the same saucer which just smacked Alcatraz, planed across the bay then rolled on shore in a jumbled heap.

I do not believe they are the same ship. The hugh saucer ship is either our heroes Enterprise or a different ship than the two we see falling out of orbit. Perhaps Scott was was unable to prevent her decent but was able to keep her from nosediving. Pretty heroic compared the other ships fate.
The only way for the ship do the way you said it should do. Is it to come down in more of a steep angle, like 90 degree.
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