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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I am also a fairly big fan of the Firestorm character. I first got started during later end of the 80's series. Ronald and Professor and then of course Ostrander took over and, if I recall right, Firestorm became an elemental while retaining the Professor's memories?

I bought and loved all of the revamp they did with the introduction of Jason. Felt they had a strong run, that they brought Ronnie back great while still keeping the book as Jason's.

Then I got the NU52 issue #1 and stopped. I flipped through issues on the stand through about issue 10 though spot reading and remained unimpressed with the characterization of Ronnie and Jason. The jock/nerd black/white as a means to tell a story itself felt weak. Lazy story telling. I felt as if the writers were saying "We see race as a great story telling perspective" without realizing that the audience(maybe I'm projecting) wasn't interested in the race of either character but likes the character of the characters themselves. They screwed it up out of the gate imo.
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