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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Let the Ramsay Snow mind games begin. I got chills when he was called "little bastard" right before that arrow thrummed. I never particularly liked Theon in the books, but what Ramsay does to him and others is revolting.

For me, Ramsay is a character that is so beyond the pale that Martin cannot kill him horribly enough. Poor Jeyne Poole's plight (that sounds too sanitized a word) turned my stomach.

The scenes between Jaime and Brienne were marvelously played.

I found the scene in the council chamber to be hilarous, but was not very amused by the Pod scenes. I feel like Bronn is being shown just to keep Jerome Flynn around.

The scenes between Dany, Missendei and the slavers were suitably funny and distressing. They are doing a good job of setting up the Mormont vs. Selmy rivalry.

I keep feeling like the scenes North of the Wall are getting a short shrift. Perhaps that is because I found that storyline the most compelling in the books?

The Blackfish is perfectly cast, and I love the Brotherhood.
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