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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

I think the austere shallowness of the setting is a perfect horror element that truly hammers in the terrifying fate of Colonel Richey... Sure, it may not carry an episode of TNG, but it does leave the appropriate aftermath.

And 312 meters per second wind speed is really fast as well.
But fitting. Neptune has worse...

As for Fermat's theorem, Fermat's own solution to it has certainly not been discovered, and probably never will; indeed, it's almost certain that it doesn't exist. And that's what Picard is specifically talking about in the teaser, even if he words it a bit funnily in the closing scene.

They don't even quarantine or destroy the structure so that no one, especially aliens would find themselves trapped there like our heroes were!
Why can't we assume that they would do that as a matter of routine? Kirk always left his planets in a seeming hurry, too, but nothing precluded him from having established a quarantine or having asked somebody else to do it for him. Nothing except Kirk personally sorting out the whole business already, that is, so that no quarantine would be necessary.

an alien race who can understand the written english language
...And that's the big question. Where did the aliens get Hotel Royale from? Did they actually read the book? Or did they scan the mind of the supposedly badly hurt Richey, and extract from it something they did not understand in the slightest? The latter sounds far more likely, and also explains how the scenery got its detail: it's all Richey's doing, even if beyond his control.

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