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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Their pitching is really the thing that has kept their winning streak alive, especially in the bullpen with Luis Avilan doing fantastic work as a jamstopper. The Braves offense is going to hit a lot of homeruns and strike out alot. I think everyone knew this. Its better than last years team that didn't hit homeruns and also struck out alot.

They were successfull against the Nationals mainly due to production from bench players. Ramiro Pena had four hits off the bench and Chris Johnson ended up with 8 hits in the series. This team doesn't necesarily have to live off the long ball. B.J. needs to stay in the leadoff spot as he seems to be feel more comfortable there. I'm not too worried about the long term because if you think about it the Braves are just riding Upton and Gattis right now along with strong pitching. Once Freeman and Heyward get going that should even things out a little bit.
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