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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

Current American TV is very white-washed, though.

As far as Mad Men back in 2007, I was a little curious about the series but doubtful at the same time because of the backwards images that immediately popped into my mind.

Then my brother told me I should watch the series. By then, I noticed all the critical acclaim it was getting and I decided to give the series a chance. This was in the middle of the second season in 2008. I was hooked.

I looked up more about the series online and found out that Matt Weiner wanted to tell the story about a man in a turbulent decade and that we'd see the entirety of the 1960s.

The very first episode takes place in March 1960. I realized that was no coincidence. And anyone who knows anything about the 1960s knows that it was a time of change. So, then I thought to myself, "I know where they're going with this..."

As a result, it made it easier to sit through the backwardness because you're not supposed to like it. What also made it easier is that I knew things would change because, unlike the characters, I already know how that decade unfolds even though I never lived through it.

Case in point: Don tells Roger in the first episode that no "Jews" have been hired on his watch. By the fifth season, they have a Jewish copyrighter who's the rising star who Don feels threatened by.

Don's cheating also catches up with him when Betty not only finds out about it but also about his backstory and who he really was. It was too good of a story for Don not to get to caught, so that's something I also knew would eventually happen.

Peggy, who started off as Don's secretary is now a Creative Director at a rival advertising firm. No I'm not spoiling Season 6 because that happened at the end of Season 5 and that's been out for a year.

The formerly clean-cut office of Sterling Cooper is filled with facial hair now.

Half of watching the show, for me, is anticipating what's going to happen because it has to happen and, by the end of the series, it's going to be completely the opposite of where the series started.

And it's about how these characters react and how they adapt or don't adapt.
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